Our General Election 2019 manifesto is here

Our candidates (biogs below) in the General Election were:

Cities of London & Westminster - Zack Polanski

Hammersmith - Alex Horn

Kensington - Vivien Lichtenstein

Westminster North - Holly Robinson 

And, following the party’s electoral arrangement with other parties, Angela Georgievski stood aside in Chelsea and Fulham. 


Cities of London and Westminster: Zack Polanski

Zack Polanski is the Green Parliamentary candidate for Cities of London & Westminster. He is also running to represent West Central London on the Assembly and is number 3 on the party’s list.

For the last 15 years, he has fully immersed himself in the capital's job economy - having worked as an actor, trainer and consultant in schools, universities, mental health services and prisons.

He is one of the directors on the campaign to Save the Black Cap and frequently speaks out with Compass and Make Votes Matter on public stages. In the past few years, he has represented several issues in the media including on Victoria Derbyshire, Newsnight and BBC Radio. Zack is passionate about ending homelessness in the capital, fighting climate change and our cities air pollution and speaking out for a fair voting system of Proportional Representation.

Both Jewish and LGBT+ he is keen to reach out to all communities across London, particularly those who are currently underrepresented.


Hammersmith: Alex Horn

Alex Horn was born in London but has lived in several countries. He is passionate about green issues such as air pollution, recycling and renewable energy and has been an active member of West Central London Green Party for about 4 years, and was voted in as Treasurer in December 2017. He had previously campaigned with Friends of the Earth, and volunteered at several London Green Fairs.

Alex graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Physics with French in 1993 and later successfully completed a Master-D diploma in Wind and Solar energy in Madrid.

He currently works at St Mary’s Hospital part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and firmly believes that the use of renewable energy such as solar panels should be installed at Trust hospital sites including Charing Cross Hospital, where he used to work. Alex fully backs the “Save Charing Cross Hospital” campaign.

Air pollution is Alex’s key concern in the borough and he thinks it should be addressed by greater use of electric vehicles, especially in public transport, commercial delivery vehicles, the Post Office and councils. He also believes a national strategy should be drawn up to reduce and eventually eliminate plastic usage at every level throughout the UK.


Kensington: Vivien Lichtenstein

Vivien joined the Green Party in 1997 and co-founded West Central London Green Party in time for the first London Assembly elections. She is now its Chair.

She has worked mostly in financial management in industry and the charity sector. Until recently she was also a part-time carer for her elderly parents who were holocaust survivors from Warsaw which, she believes, influenced both her approach to universal human rights and her support for the EU as a force for peace. Since the 80s she has also been very active on Israeli-Palestinian peace and human rights issues in various Jewish and joint Jewish-Palestinian organisations.

Her main areas of interest regarding this election are housing, the Green New Deal and a 2nd referendum.

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, her family moved to Manchester and then London in her teens. She has lived Westminster, a short walk away from Kensington, ever since. She has a BA (Econ) Hons from Manchester University and an MSc in Information Systems from the LSE.


Westminster North: Holly Rose Robinson

Holly Robinson is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Westminster North. She also stood as candidate for Westbourne Ward in the 2018 local elections. Holly has been a member of the Green Party since February 2015 and an active member of West Central London Green Party since early 2017. Holly has lived and worked in the borough for the last eight years.

As a renter in Westminster North and a user of its public services, Holly knows some of the challenges residents face but also always breathes a sigh of relief to be home when stepping off the tube at Westbourne Park after any length of time away. Holly is standing in this election in order to take an opportunity to do something positive for a community she cares about and believes in offering the Westminster North electorate a choice to vote for a Party that accords with their values and concerns on the environment, social justice and health.

Originally from Leicestershire, Holly moved to London aged eighteen to study and continues to love the capital and fellow Londoners. Holly is an accountant working in the charity sector and also sits on the board of two charities committed to social justice and equality. Holly has an LLB in Law and an MA in International Peace and Security from King’s College London.

RBKC By-election on March 21st, 2019 - Dalgarno Ward

Our candidate, Angela Georgievski, gained 4.7% of the vote

Westminster Council By-election on Nov 22nd, 2018 - Lancaster Gate Ward

Our candidate, Zack Polanski, gained 3% of the vote which reflects our base support in the City of Westminster.

Local elections May, 2018 

West Central London Green Party fielded candidates in seventeen wards, concentrated mainly in Westminster.

In Westminster, we stood in thirteen wards, finishing ahead of one or all Liberal Democrat candidates in all but two. Across the borough, over 3,000 people voted Green for change, averaging around 3% of all votes cast in the wards where we stood. Although this does not quite meet the 6% average from the 2014 election (at the height of the ‘Green Surge’) it does represent a consistent, base level support in the borough.

Two candidates stood for the Greens in RBKC, including in Stanley ward where there was no Green candidate in the 2014 elections. In this ward, the Green candidate finished ahead of all three Liberal Democrat candidates as well as the Advance candidate.

In Hammersmith and Fulham our two local candidates also saw some success. In Addison Ward, the Green candidate finished ahead of all the Liberal Democrat and UKIP candidates. Similarly, the Green candidate for Fulham Reach also finished ahead of all Liberal Democrat hopefuls. 

Our candidates were:

Hammersmith & Fulham
Addison - Liz Goad
Fulham Reach - James Davies

Kensington & Chelsea
Earls Court - Erwin Schaefer
Stanley - Heinz Schumi

Abbey Road - Emmanuelle Tandy
Bayswater - Lionel Fry
Bryanston and Dorset Square - Michael Fry
Church Street - David Blyth
Harrow Road - Roc Sandford
Hyde Park - Alex Horn
Maida Vale - Lynnet Pready
Marylebone High Street - Zack Polanski
Regent's Park - Vivien Lichtenstein
St James's - Sean Ironside
Vincent Square - Stephanie Landymore
Westbourne - Holly Rose Robinson
West End - Minne Fry