Local elections

RBKC By-election on March 21st, 2019 - Dalgarno Ward

Our candidate, Angela Georgievski, gained 4.7% of the vote

Westminster Council By-election on Nov 22nd, 2018 - Lancaster Gate Ward

Our candidate, Zack Polanski, gained 3% of the vote which reflects our base support in the City of Westminster.

Local elections May, 2018 

West Central London Green Party fielded candidates in seventeen wards, concentrated mainly in Westminster.

In Westminster, we stood in thirteen wards, finishing ahead of one or all Liberal Democrat candidates in all but two. Across the borough, over 3,000 people voted Green for change, averaging around 3% of all votes cast in the wards where we stood. Although this does not quite meet the 6% average from the 2014 election (at the height of the ‘Green Surge’) it does represent a consistent, base level support in the borough.

Two candidates stood for the Greens in RBKC, including in Stanley ward where there was no Green candidate in the 2014 elections. In this ward, the Green candidate finished ahead of all three Liberal Democrat candidates as well as the Advance candidate.

In Hammersmith and Fulham our two local candidates also saw some success. In Addison Ward, the Green candidate finished ahead of all the Liberal Democrat and UKIP candidates. Similarly, the Green candidate for Fulham Reach also finished ahead of all Liberal Democrat hopefuls. 

Our candidates were:

Hammersmith & Fulham
Addison - Liz Goad
Fulham Reach - James Davies

Kensington & Chelsea
Earls Court - Erwin Schaefer
Stanley - Heinz Schumi

Abbey Road - Emmanuelle Tandy
Bayswater - Lionel Fry
Bryanston and Dorset Square - Michael Fry
Church Street - David Blyth
Harrow Road - Roc Sandford
Hyde Park - Alex Horn
Maida Vale - Lynnet Pready
Marylebone High Street - Zack Polanski
Regent's Park - Vivien Lichtenstein
St James's - Sean Ironside
Vincent Square - Stephanie Landymore
Westbourne - Holly Rose Robinson
West End - Minne Fry