West Central London Green Party Officers elected at our 2020 AGM

20 October 2020

We held our AGM on October 19th and elected an excellent new team to continue our Mayoral and Assembly 2021 elections campaigns.

Chair/Coordinator (job share)

Zack Polanski and Naranee Ruthra-Rajan


Erwin Schaefer


Colin Murphy

Election Agent and Nominating Officer 

Colin Murphy

Membership Officer

Piera de Mascoli

Election Campaigns Officer

Piera de Mascoli

Communications Coordinator (1)

Paul Lincoln

Local Campaigns/Issues Officer

Alex Clarke

Campaigns Events Officer

Fabian Frenzel

Policy and Issues Events Officer (2)

Alex Horn

Fundraising Officer (job share)

Rajiv Sinha and Holly Robinson

Press Officer

Barbara Holloway

(1) External communications – website, printed and video materials, social media
(2) Non-election campaign events – green issues and social

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National News


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