Past events


February 5th 2018

A public meeting on HOUSING to discuss solutions to our housing crisis

How do we provide homes for all and protect our public spaces?

A report on this meeting will be posted here in due course


SIÂN BERRY, Green Party London Assembly Member and Camden Council councillor who commissioned the Big Renters Survey and campaigned for an independent renters’ organisation

JOE DELANEY,Grenfell Action Group, Grenfell Scrutiny Committee member and Walkways resident

ANNA MINTON, author of Big Capital: Who is London for? and Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty-First Century City

EVE WEDDERBURN, Housing campaigner and local resident

January 8th 2018

Liz Mansfield
from North Surrey Green Party introduced Kye Gbangbola, the father of Zane, the young boy who tragically died during the River Thames River flooding in 2014. Campaigners believe Zane's death was caused by hydrogen cyanide gas released from a historic landfill site adjacent to the family's home. The Coroner delivered a verdict of death due to C02 poisoning, but only HCN was recorded and logged by fire services at the time of the incident.

Details of the campaign, allegations of official cover-up and the petition calling for a meaningful independent panel-led inquiry can be found at Truth about Zane.

The presentation ended with a discussion about possible link-ups with Grenfell activists and anti-fracking campaigners.