Past events

This page includes events other than / in addition to our regular monthly meetings

December 3rd 2018: social gathering

We held a lively and well attended social gathering, with the profit of £40 being donated to the North Paddington Food Bank. (We covered the cost of room hire.)

And took a short break to select the prospective candidate for our London Assembly constituency. Just Zack Polanski was nominated; he made a statement, answered a few questions and was duly selected. Congratulations, Zack!
His biography is here.

November 5th 2018:

We selected candidates for three of our five constituencies in case of a snap General Election: Cities of London & Westminster (Zack Polanski), Kensington (Vivien Lichtenstein), and Westminster North (Holly Robinson). Alex Horn who stood in Hammersmith last year will stand again. 

October 20th 2018

We participated in the People's Vote march

August 19th 2018 - picnic in Ravenscourt Park

Thanks to Alex Horn and Erwin Schaeffer for organising this event. 

August 6th 2018 

Sonia Sood who has a background of six years in architecture from India, now a student at Kingston University, is researching the necessity of green spaces in Oxford and Regent Streets. She kindly agreed to run-through her project and get some feedback on its practicalities.
The pedestrianisation of Oxford Street is controversial – what about the transfer of pollution and noise to other, more residential streets, and won’t it make shopping more difficult for the disabled? Oxford Street has become mired in politics. Here are the Mayor's plans (supported by our Assembly members, Siân Berry and Caroline Russell) but Westminster Council has said no and are now coming up with their own ideas.

A lively discussion followed her presentation "Canopy Walk" and we agreed to organise a public debate between those for and those against the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street (details will be posted on our Events page).

July 22nd 2018 - a walk along the Grand Union Canal

Thanks to Erwin Schaefer (WCL) and Dee Searle (Camden) who organised this very enjoyable walk.

June 23rd 2018 - March for a People's Vote

We took part in this march

June 14th and 16th 2018 - Grenfell Fire Anniversary 

We took part in the Grenfell Silent Walk on the 14th and the Justice for Grenfell National March and Demonstration on the 16th.

June 10th 2018 - the first of our walks was through the diverse and contrasting neighbourhoods of Kensington.

Starting at the Union Tavern on the Grand Union Canal, we walked through part of North Kensington onto Notting Hill, headed towards Holland Park and then across to Kensington Gardens, through ‘Albertopolis’ ending in South Kensington. Thanks to our guide, Erwin Schaefer, for a very informative and enjoyable walk.

June 4th 2018 - air pollution

A discussion on air pollution a key issue in our part of the world – and what we can do about it. Minutes will be posted to our members' website, and a link to actions posted here in the not-too-distant future. 

May 14th 2018

We joined the Grenfell Silent Walk before our regular meeting

March 5th 2018

Dave Fuller gave a presentation on Repowering London: creating clean, renewable solar electricity for North Kensington

This is Kensington & Chelsea's first renewable energy co-op which will install solar panels to power schools and community buildings across North Kensington. The panels will be owned by the community, with profits from the sale of the electricity going back into projects in the North Kensington area.

The project will:

  • Generate solar energy on schools and community buildings
  • Provide work experience and training opportunities
  • Raise funds via a community share offer, offering 3-4% return on investment
  • Reduce energy bills for the schools
  • Create a community fund for the benefit of the North Kensington area

There are many ways to get involved in this exciting project and shape the development of clean energy in your local area. If you would like to find out more please visit their website or contact / 020 3674 7519

This project is supported by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Mayor of London. Repowering London has established four successful energy co-operatives in Brixton and Homerton.

February 5th 2018

A public meeting on HOUSING to discuss solutions to our housing crisis

How do we provide homes for all and protect our public spaces?

A report on this meeting will be posted here in due course


SIÂN BERRY, Green Party London Assembly Member and Camden Council councillor who commissioned the Big Renters Survey and campaigned for an independent renters’ organisation

JOE DELANEY,Grenfell Action Group, Grenfell Scrutiny Committee member and Walkways resident

ANNA MINTON, author of Big Capital: Who is London for? and Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty-First Century City

EVE WEDDERBURN, Housing campaigner and local resident


January 8th 2018

Liz Mansfield from North Surrey Green Party introduced Kye Gbangbola, the father of Zane, the young boy who tragically died during the River Thames River flooding in 2014. Campaigners believe Zane's death was caused by hydrogen cyanide gas released from an historic landfill site adjacent to the family's home. The Coroner delivered a verdict of death due to C02 poisoning, but only HCN was recorded and logged by fire services at the time of the incident.

Details of the campaign, allegations of official cover-up and the petition calling for a meaningful independent panel-led inquiry can be found at Truth about Zane.

The presentation ended with a discussion about possible link-ups with Grenfell activists and anti-fracking campaigners.